this rules.



10 days left in this shitty year. Thank fuck. Not that next year will be any better….

no sleep til brisbane

what a piece of shit day. Train rides up and back sucked. Spent all day cold, wet and muddy. Not even seeing August Burns Red made the day better. Milo from the Descendents lost his voice in the second song so they sucked. Pretty much just a waste of $150. Not happy.

broken records

I said I’d never be the same: possibly for the impact but possibly for certain. I also said that I would never know another you, but fate is making me a liar. I place blame on the Golden State; my heart lies in Los Angeles. Maybe it just needs the attention.

Stray From The Path

Pretty underrated metalcore/mathcore band. They definitely rule.

This came out last week. Easily the bands best work and one of the best albums this year. Ordered the vinyl straight after hearing it so hopefully that arrives soon.

Here is a list of things I’ve been doing;

  • work
  • nothing else

Work is pretty much consuming everyday of my life at the moment. I missed out on a pretty decent sounding weekend because I was working or too tired from work which in turn turned out to be the most boring weekend ever, if you can call having one day off a week a weekend.

life is going downhill pretty fast.